I wish it was show art, 

but it's show business.


 My first job in New York was my first Broadway show,  THE MOONY SHAPIRO SONGBOOK. I was an understudy, pit-singer and … assistant stage manager. I'd been in NYC less than two months and was too naive to really understand my luck.    

But it closed after just ONE performance. And then they tore down the theatre.

In the 30+ years since, I've had the great good fortune of  working with many talented people—actors, directors writers, composers—on interesting productions and projects from Broadway to unpaid readings.  

And every opening night I remember the lesson  I learned back in 1981.  Don't take anything for granted.

In Brief … 

• Born and raised in Chicago (where my mom sang professionally.

• B.F.A. from University of Illinois/Urbana, Dec. 1976.

• Got my Equity card in 1979.

• Moved to NYC in 1981, and joined SAG & AFTRA.


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